Integral Leadership Course Summary

Our Integral Leadership Course is designed to be a life­changing experience. In a short period
of time we will equip you with the knowledge and skill to make a significant difference in the
way you lead, both professionally in your career and personally in your life satisfaction.  
Making use of research in human development and advances in understanding how people
grow in multiple ways, you will see the world clearer than ever before. And with that your
efforts in every area of your life will improve in bringing about the results you desire.   
Covered in this course are holistic perspectives from Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrant map of
experience, developmental stages of life by Don Beck, lines of intelligences by Howard
Gardner, and personal development strategies by Robert Keegan. Ending with an outline for
an integral life practice that you can take home and use as long as you choose to keep on
The theory part of the course will be quick and to the point. Surprisingly it will be exciting
because it is all about you and what makes you work. Then we will tie it all together with an
integral practice. Integrating all the theory into a life practice that works for you.

This course is carried out by Top Team Vietnam's Frank, PhD in Psychology, certified coach and head trainer